Tips to Work with a Leader Who Dislikes You

Do you work with a leader who has a strong dislike for you? Are you in a fix whether to leave or tolerate the aversion? Let me tell you that the smartest option is not to leave and at the same time not to tolerate. If you are wondering how is it possible, you must know that there are many effective tips and tricks to deal with a boss who does not like you much. Instead of shifting to another firm, take it as a challenge to change the perspective of your boss towards you and impress him or her with a good performance.

  • Steer clear of some mistakes - The first and foremost tip is that you should not do any one of the following things when working with a difficult boss.
  • Keep out of sight from the boss in order to avoid confrontation – It does not matter really whether you are hiding from your boss. When you get a call to be present in a management meeting, can you afford to be absent at that time? Obviously no, otherwise you will end up putting your job on risk.
  • Be stubborn and not cooperate – This ultimately affects the progress of work and spoils the harmony of the team members. Your problem should not bother your team members or the progress of a project.
  • Find out if you are lacking anywhere – Before directly jumping into the conclusion that your boss simply hates you no matter how well you perform, it is important that you keep calm and examine whether there are any fault of yours. What happens often is that we tend to overlook our errors while blaming a person. So, you need to find out whether you are blaming your boss for no reason or for good reasons. Analyze your performance in the past few months and if possible, ask for feedback to come across the weak points (if any).
  • Stress on the points of conformity – When you come to know that you and your boss agree on certain points, take advantage of this semblance. Keep focus on those points and try to implement them in your work. This may work wonders to drive away the disparity between you and your boss.
  • Talk to the person – Instead of thinking hard what is going wrong, you may communicate with your boss in person and discuss about the matter. Sometimes, direct conversation solves many grave issues. It may work for you as well.

Whether it is war field, playground or workplace, you must not leave unless and until you make the best attempt to prove your worth. With that in mind, take heed of these tips to work with a tricky boss who dislikes you.