Sourcing and Purchasing Management overview presentation


A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation of 30 professional slides (PowerPoint)

The Sourcing and Purchasing Management overview presentation is a comprehensive walkthrough of what Sourcing and Purchasing Management is and how you implement or optimize it at your company or your customer company. The nice looking slides are easy to incorporate into your own presentation and are designed by professionals to both give you an inside into the subject and give a professional presentation to your stakeholders.


The PowerPoint slides are:

Slide 1: Front page

Slide 2: Purchasing and the value chain

Slide 3: Main differences buying for primary activities and  support activities

Slide 4: Purchasing process model and some related concepts

Slide 5: Purchasing process approach: Managing interfaces

Slide 6: Purchased goods and services as a percentage of cost of goods sold

Slide 7: E-Procurement

Slide 8: Balancing cost-risk-value

Slide 9: Areas for action in purchasing

Slide 10: Procurement Maturity Model (PMM)

Slide 11: Typology of market structures

Slide 12: Outsourcing

Slide 13: Partial versus turnkey outsourcing

Slide 14: The outsourcing matrix

Slide 15: Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing

Slide 16: The outsourcing process

Slide 17: Four-phase strategic outsourcing model

Slide 18: Purchasing management requires management of supplier relationships within organizational networks

Slide 19: Purchasing product portfolio and supplier portfolio: Balance of power

Slide 20: Basic characteristics of the four supplier strategies

Slide 21: How buyer – supplier relationships may change over time

Slide 22: How to identify cost savings potential

Slide 23: Decentralized purchasing organization structure

Slide 24: Centralized purchasing organizational structure

Slide 25: Centralized/decentralized purchasing organization structure

Slide 26: Some advantages and disadvantages related to decentralized purchasing

Slide 27: Buyer profiles and their most important responsibilities and skills

Slide 28: Key areas of purchasing performance measurement

Slide 29: The supplier-partnering hierarchy

Slide 30: Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility