Principles Adopted for Successful Change Management

Over the years, change management has become an indispensable part of business. Those who have ignored its importance a few years ago cannot do the same in present times. The emergence of novel technologies at frequent levels affects business procedures and influences business owners to make changes in their goals or embrace a new business model. In order to cope up with the frequently-changing business scenario, every organization needs to ensure successful change management. If you are a business person and considering change management as one of your priorities now, this article may come to your help. Below mentioned are certain principles that are implemented by many organizations for the success of change management.

  • The first step you should take for successful change management is to employ skilled change managers who are adept in handling organizational change management in tandem with the firm’s existing work culture. A good change manager is one, who does not put efforts to trigger any changes in an existing work culture, but understands and adapts to that culture, look forward to scope of improvement and initiates clear and comprehensive changes.


  • You must pay attention to choose efficient managers for the effective handling of every department of your company. A manager should be one who has the capacity to motivate employees, possesses the authority to train and guide them and is equipped with the proficiency to contribute in decision-making processes. Professionals of such capacities have the capability to prepare employees for big changes.


  • It is a much more lucrative and intelligent decision to allow inputs of employees in a decision-making process. You will gain a lot if you follow the participative style of leadership. First of all, employees will feel good that they can make contributions in a company’s administrative procedures and that their opinions are valued. This will help you retain the best talents in your organization. Employees will promptly acknowledge any changes since they are entitled to express their standpoints.


  • At one point, you may have to bring a sweeping change in your business objectives. When you will be required to do so, you must not forget to communicate with the management professionals and the entire workforce before planning and announcing the change. If you think employees will readily accept the change, you are wrong. Contrary to your thinking, employees will face difficulties in understanding the new implementations and thereby, hesitate or deny agreeing to them. This very much affects the competence, creativity and output of an employee. So, constant communication with the employees will help you ensure efficient change management.

Therefore, in a nutshell, for successful change management, you should

  • Set achievable goals
  • Motivate employees
  • Organize a group of efficient and experienced executives
  • Communicate
  • Give employees the freedom to put across their point of view
  • Make your employees feel that they are respected and their viewpoints are appreciated
  • Acknowledge the hard work of your employees and provide them rewards on the basis of performance

These are the principles that are implemented by top companies to ensure the accomplishment of change management.