New Company Structure

When defining a new company structure, there are several aspects you need to be aware of. A new company structure is not something you implement right away. You have to carefully check the new company structure for advantages and disadvantages, and how it is going to be implemented as well. Furthermore, we must consider which potential complications that may occur in the middle of a process.


When implementing a new company structure, there is a business tool which contains all the key points to ensure a safe implementation. The tool is called Change Management.


Implement new company structure with Change Management

With Change Management, you are able to ask the right questions to ensure the new company structure will be properly implemented, and with as few errors as possible. The business tool can be used in all aspects of the organization, whether it concerns implementing new IT systems or any new project, that changes the way the organization do business. To mention a few more examples, Change Management can be used when implementing a cultural change, mergers and acquisitions, relocation, downsizing, cost reduction initiatives, and new procedures.


Why does change efforts typically fail when implementing a new company structure?


  1. People leading the change think that announcing the change is the same as implementing it
  2. People’s concerns with change are not surfaced or addressed
  3. Those being asked to change are not involved in planning the change
  4. There is no urgent or compelling reason to change. The business case is not communicated
  5. A compelling vision that excites people about the future has not been developed or communicated
  6. The change leadership team doesn’t include early adopters, resisters, or informal leaders
  7. The change isn’t piloted, so the organization doesn’t learn what’s needed to support the change
  8. Organizational systems and other initiatives aren’t aligned with the change
  9. Leaders lose focus or fail to prioritize, causing ”death by 1000 initiatives”.
  10. People are not enabled or encouraged to build new skills
  11. Progress is not measures, and no one recognizes the changes that people have worked hard to make
  12. People are not held accountable for implementing the change


Key points of new company structure

When implementing a new company structure there are some key points which must be complied to ensure a good implementation process.


First of all, if a new company structure should be well implemented, stakeholders need to be prepared for changes. If stakeholders are not well prepared for changes, the new company structure will definitely fail. Stakeholders need to be willing to adapt the new company structure and pursue key points to ensure a qualitative process. By conducting the key points correctly and with moderation, the implementation of the new company structure will be well executed.


The project manager of a new company structure needs to plan which primary and secondary targets the project should include. Furthermore, the project manager has to delegate the right tasks to the right co-workers regarding qualifications and personality. There is a possibility for several parameters effecting the process of a project. Therefore it is important to include backup plans in several areas when implementing a new company structure.