How to Cope With a Difficult Boss?

If you feel you have the world’s most difficult manager or boss to deal with, let me tell you that there are many who think the same way. So, there is no need to think that you are the most unfortunate employee cursed with a problematic boss. Rather than making up your mind to shift focus to another job, don’t you think you should give one last try to deal with your pernickety manager peacefully? You never know you may come out with flying colors this time. So, check out the following tips to tackle with a fussy manager or an extremely finicky boss.


  • The first advice is to find out whether your manager is really hard to please or not. Is the fastidious nature of your manager annoys you most? Or is he prone to shout loud on each and every matter? Whatever may be the matter, you need to find out whether your manager possesses such a nature or he is being compelled to put up such a rough attitude. You must understand that managers also go through a pressure to bring out the best of their departments and teams. This can be a valid reason for your boss to be coarse and choosy.


  • The second tip is to grasp your manager’s working style and make your best effort to match up to that. If he is prompt in taking decisions, you should learn to wrap up your work without delay. On the other hand, if your manager wants you to devote a considerable amount of time when performing a task, you should follow suit. If you are successful in matching up to his style of working, there will be probably no reason for you to complain about your boss.


  • Your boss likes to communicate via emails and each time you land up in his cabin to inform him about work progress and other details. So, you are bound to hear some harsh words from him. The difference in communication mode often creates problems between an employee and his manager. If you are facing such troubles, take a step ahead to follow the medium of communication appreciated by your boss.


  • Our bosses too possess some weaknesses. You may find your boss to be a bit disorganized or take a lot of time to respond to your queries. So, the thing you can do rather than fretting out on his weaknesses is to help him in organizing tasks efficiently or wait to hear from him. Will this be an act of buttering the boss to seek credit? May be or maybe not, but you are sure to get appreciation for this act since you will be offering valuable assistance to your boss to ease his tasks.


  • There is one common practice at workplace and it is bullying those employees working under a difficult and hard to please manager. If this happens to you, you should not react at all, but keep cool and ignore those remarks. Also, never express your grievances about your boss at office. A colleague may pass your chat sessions to your boss. Then, imagine what will happen!

So, apply these tips to deal with your persnickety manager and be hopeful of seeing a difference.