Exit Interviews – Categories and Importance
Picking the best one from a large pool of talented aspirants is one challenging job. Effective recruitment is indispensable for the advancement of a company and the proper utilization of organizational resources. In this course you will learn about different aspects related to effective recruitment. You will learn how to identify new roles in an organization and know when it is time to hire. You will also learn how to write a job description, learn what questions to be asked at a job interview and the importance of using recruitment tests. We also look at how to conduct exit interviews when an employee leaves the company.
Module 1 Recruitment
Unit 1 Effective recruitment (8 min.)
Unit 2 Identifying New Roles in an Organizational Set Up (8 min.)
Unit 3 Writing a job description (8 min.)
Unit 4 What Questions Are To Be Asked While Hiring People (7 min.)
Unit 5 Importance of Using Recruitment Tests (7 min.)
Unit 6 Exit Interviews (7 min.)