Proficient employees are not always self-motivated. The right blend of expertise and motivation in the employees makes sure that a company’s objectives are accomplished successfully. Encouragement gives rise to enthusiasm and willingness to perform efficiently and face challenges with confidence. Also, motivated people spread positive vibes and help to create a congenial work environment where everyone enjoy their work and put in their best efforts. So, as a leader, you have the big responsibility to motivate your staff and arouse excitement in them to pull out their tasks with utmost competency. In this course you will learn about the different motivation types and theories.
Module 1 Motivating
Unit 1 Types of motivation (5 min.)
Unit 2 Pygmalion Motivation (7 min.)
Unit 3 Expectancy Theory (7 min.)
Unit 4 Broaden and Build Theory (8 min.)
Unit 5 Amabile and Kramer’s Progress Theory (8 min.)