Behavior Influences the Success of Change Management Initiatives

There is not just one reason behind the failure of organizational changes. In fact, there are multiple factors that affect the implementation of a change management initiative. One of them is the behavior of both the employer and employees. How the employer thinks and acts regarding an organizational change is important for its incorporation. On the other hand, the reaction of the employees towards a change is imperative for its success in future. If you are an employer, you need to make sure that behavior does not act as a stumbling block in the way of a successful organizational change.

When a change management initiative is going through lot of complexities, following things can be denoted as responsible for the same.

  • Not making the employees aware of the change
  • Not involving the staff in the decisions regarding change management
  • Engaging only the leaders or managers in the decision-making process
  • Imposing the change program on the staff
  • Not providing sufficient time to staff to understand and accept the change

It is quite natural that an employee will give forth a negative reaction if he or she has to go through the aforementioned troubles. As a result, the implementation of the change program will be affected and its success will be in doubt. So, at no cost you should commit these errors. Keeping in mind the following factors may ensure the success of an organizational change.

  1. While employing a change strategy, do not forget to make the managers a part of the implementation process. A manager holds the responsibility to convey crucial message (given by the higher management) to his or her team members. This way you can be sure that the whole staff of the company is familiar with the proposed change. But, make sure that the managers you have recruited are efficient enough to fulfill their responsibilities.


  1. The next step is to plan actions that will be helpful towards achieving the company objectives. Here, again you will be required to engage the managers in order to establish strong communication with the employees, make them understand the importance of the change and the essentials of the change initiative and motivate and guide them to perform at their best for the success of the change program. This way, the capabilities of the employees can be measured, appreciated or set right and each employee will feel important for the advancement of the organization.


  1. In order to get the best out of your staff for the success of organizational change, you can decide to offer incentives and perks to those who perform with utmost perseverance. But, while doing so, you should make sure there is no unhealthy competition amongst the employees. This responsibility must be shouldered by the managers.

Therefore, it is the behavior or the reaction of the employees that matter most when striving for the smooth implementation of a change program. How the employees will behave or react to a change management initiative is dependent on the approach of the employer and the higher management towards the staff.