Zero Defects for Delivering a Perfect Product

Zero Defects for Executing a Perfect Product


Will you go for the same brand again from which you received a defective product earlier? The answer is a big ‘No’. Quality management is essential for an organization due to various crucial reasons like the following.

  • Delivering finest quality products and services
  • Ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction and gaining customer loyalty
  • Paving the way for higher revenues
  • Reducing waste and inventory

Overlooking the importance of quality management results into defective products and low-quality services and some really mighty costs are related to quality defects like, the wastage of time, money, resources and bad reputation, of course.

When you are vying for the top slot, disregarding the significance of quality management and spending time and money to remove quality defects are not the options at all. The quest for perfection leads to the summit of success. The concept of ‘zero defects’ emphasizes this idea. This article will provide an insight into Philip B. Crosby’s Zero Defects.

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