Yukl and Tracey’s Influencers – A Study

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Understanding influence in organization is very important. Managers make use of influence to change the behavior of the team members and increase commitment towards difficult projects. Leaders need better understanding of how to use human capital and accomplish their organizational goals.

In this article, we are going to discuss about 11 influencers identified by Gary Yukl and Bruce Tracey that help you make use of influence.

Yukl and Tracey's Influencers – An Idea

Leaders of the organization often face the challenge of influencing their subordinates or employees to accomplish the objectives of the organization they are working in. Researchers have identified some behavioral influence tactics that help leaders to communicate effectively with their workers. These tactics help the team members understand their team leader. It is important for users to select the best influential tactics to achieve the desired outcome. One can use these methods to influence the beliefs that meet your requirements. The list can be split between positive and negative tactics.

Yukl and Tracey introduced 11 influencers in work place that people use at work. These 11 techniques are introduced in the book “Leadership in Organizations” in the year 1981. These influencers are categorized into positive as well as negative tactics. These tactics are further classified into soft and hard tactics. Soft tactics are those that allow the follower to accept his/her influence, whereas hard tactics are those that do not give much freedom to the follower. Below is the detailed description of the 11 influencers –

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