Why Developing Character in Workplace is Important?

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Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy suggests the manner in which somebody approached ethics can be specifically linked to who he or she is as a person. If a person is having a good moral character, it is due to his or her ethics and virtues. As a business owner, good character is useful in developing employee-employer relationship, raising morale of employees and hence, it results in overall growth of a company.

What is Character?

Character can be related to moral and mental qualities, which are distinctive to a person. It can also be defined as sum total of ethical and mental traits that mark an individual.

Identification of Good Character

For determining what comprises moral character, you should understand the meaning of ethics, which include moral values or principles. The decisions taken by you or your employees can negatively or positively affect the organization as a whole.

For developing good moral character, a person must analyze the outcomes of exercising bad moral character in workplace and perform those actions, which are accepted ethically.

Building Loyalty

The business that you are running is your livelihood because your customers are helping you to sustain it. If you sport good moral character to your customers and treat them by showing respect, you can easily retain and deserve more referrals from your existing ones.

It is important that you need to have an appreciable personality trait. You should ensure that your good moral character should get reflected through the actions of your employees. For example, if a staff is untruthful or disrespectful to your customers, despite of you being ethical, it will be difficult to retain loyalty of your clients who are your valuable business assets.

Winning hearts of customers through quality products and decent pricing policies may be easy task. But, the way you service those clients determines whether you can retain them. This is equally true for your staffs. If you treat them well, you have higher chances that they will stay in your company.

Creating Trust

For effective running of business, you should ensure building trust between you and your staffs. If the opposite happens, then it will lead to dishonesty, conflicts, miscommunication and rise in exodus.

An untrustworthy staff always has the tendency of keeping you in suspicion while an empathic, trustworthy employee keeps your business interests in safe position.

For example, if a staff lies about a process, which he used for the completion of a particular task, it puts you on guard. In short time, you will find that you are doubting and micromanaging him for everything else he says. Due to his dishonesty, you question on his moral character. This equally holds true for and your staffs about how clients are dealt. If a client does not trust you, it may happen that he or she will deal with your business next time.

Raising Morale

A past research suggests that the indifference or low morale is the main cause for unethical conduct of employees. By retaining moral character in workplace, you can become the leader of kind, who can motivate the staffs.

Having moral character in workplace also helps you in staying informed about the requirement of employees and provides you the opportunity of rewarding them accordingly upon their achievements. By fuelling their drives for working harder, you do not take your employees for granted. Staffs having good moral can motivate others to work sincerely for the organization.

By this time, you have seen how good moral character makes a business. In reality, building this kind of character among employees is a bit challenging. Through character development sessions, you can raise morale of your staffs for better performance.

Many employees possess variety of good traits. But, among some employees vital character traits are missing that result in deterioration of productivity as teamwork gets affected. Monthly character session is the best way of helping good employees to perform better at their jobs.

Current Scenario

Many companies often hold discussions regarding character trait of the month at their board rooms every month. You can see that after explaining action oriented character definitions for few months, the performance of the respective departments will improve.

Many employees aim at improving their performance in order to reach the desired productive level. But, they are unaware of their limiting factors.

By conducting weekly or monthly character trait discussion, you can help your staffs for overcoming weaknesses.

Now, you will definitely like to know the way of conducting such meeting.

Conducting Character Discussion Session

  • In first place, you need to state clearly that this kind of meeting has been arranged for personal well being. During the session, you have to make your employees realize that everyone has to become successful for company’s growth.
  • You have to explain the character trait of month and the action based definition.
  • Then, you need to provide example of a famous person from history, who practiced that trait and how he or she got benefited.
  • Motivate employees to participate in discussion and know how they can practice the trait while performing their tasks.

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Character Development Leaves Its Influence In Following Areas

  • External communication
  • Internal communication
  • Employee training, hiring and promotional activities
  • Human and financial resources
  • Community relationship building

You can use internal communication ways for creating a friendly environment at workplace that praises a person for performing positive role at work. You can do this by using mailers, internal newsletters, etc.


Character can be related to moral and metal qualities, which are distinctive to a person. In other words, it is a sum total of ethical and mental traits that helps in identifying an individual. There are many ways for developing character in workplace. One of the popular ways of building good character is by holding character trait session where employees get motivated to perform better by overcoming their weaknesses. A good moral character provides suitable ground for building trust among employees and also develops loyalty of customers.

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