Why Changes Can Fail?


Making changes no doubt is tough, but it fuels the constant need to bring in an improved outlook on the matter at hand. How to bring about the change, how to engage people in the process, how to ensure follow through of your grand plans and visions…are such worries keeping you up at night? With something, this much complex as transformations, the how-tos may be crucial but are not everything. So, besides understanding the agents of success you also need to identify why things fail to materialize as desired! What are the main factors behind the failure to change?

Below are some reasons that can compromise the desired results.

1. There’s not enough reason to consider change:

There has to be a valid and clear reason for the change. Pushing it won’t do, you need to make people understand that it is urgent and important enough to make them commit. Why are you considering change? Think through the conditions, underlying causes, and crucial reasons, to make a strong case regarding the same. It is important that you have on-board the right people and begin with well-defined objectives and clear rationale.

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