What Questions Are To Be Asked While Hiring People?

Questions to ask while hiring people


The normal procedure of recruiting people for an organization is through interviews. Through questions asked during these interviews an interviewer wants to know beyond a written resume. It is not just technical skills or experience that interviewers seek. They are always on the lookout for something exceptional, something that makes a candidate unique. The stress is more on knowing about a candidate’s personality, temperament, and soft skills. Placement agencies, in addition to questioning about skills, and work history place great importance in learning about the more hidden sides of a candidate that is not revealed on a bio-data.

The current trend of interviewers is to evaluate candidates based on intangible skills. Communication skills, organizational skills, leadership qualities, team spirit, ingenuity, initiative and drive are traits that interviewers look for in candidates. Ability to become a cultural fit amidst a new environment is the principal quality that interviewers watch out for. It is the soft skills, according to management stalwarts, that navigate a person’s success in current generation marketing world. Questions thus now asked to contenders are based on intrinsic values and human sensibilities.

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