What a True Leader Means in Real Terms?

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Life connects you with many relationships in different stages – your parent, teacher and boss perhaps – who had changed your perception of life as well as the world. Somebody had set high standards that inspired and motivated you in every walk of life. Somebody taught you to establish goals and encouraged you to attain those further. Such an individual is an example of a true leader.

True Leader – The Concept

Presently, you will find people calling themselves as leaders in every field including:

  1. Government
  2. Education
  3. Arts
  4. Sports and
  5. Business

However, to be honest, there is lack of a true leadership in real terms. Observing much treachery and mistreatment of power frequently, a number of people have stopped relying on their leaders. Yet, the fact is that you will always feel the need for someone to guide you while making crucial decisions at some point of your life.

So, what do you mean by a true leader? Or say what can you expect from a genuine leader? Simple answer to this is – A person can be called a genuine leader only when he/she provides you with new perspective and motivates to dispose of your narrow vision.

True Leader – Great Characteristics to Be One

Here are mentioned about the characteristics that a true leader is expected to possess:

Effective Decision Making Skills

Decision-making is one of the important aspects irrespective of which sector you are in. It can be defined as a thought process to pick up a logical choice from a number of alternatives. You will see that an effective leader uses responsive and practical methodologies while making a decision. For an example, there are times when a person needs to make a quick and clever decision to come out of a problem. This also shows how much confidence the person has within and his/her problem solving skills as well.

Connects Regular Work Setting Great Goals

It is easy to focus on urgent things than important ones. A manager only spends his/her energy on regular work and harasses team when they fail to achieve short-term goals irrespective of its long-term significance. Contrary to this, a manager but a genuine leader will hardly care about such short-term goals. Rather, he/she will approach towards achieving long-term goals that matters the most.

Has Clear Identified Goals

Every person has a goal in his/her life. It is the goal in life that drives you to move forward. This is true in case of a leader as well. In fact, without having any goal, one cannot be called as a true leader. Sorry to say but many people desire to become leaders for their own reasons. Even some of them believe they know it all and for others, it is just to grab attention or gain recognition. A true leader will care a damn about such things and focus on achieving goals for self and organization by any means.

Takes Pride and Appreciates Team at Their Achievements

If you have observed a mere manager closely, he/she does not have any aspirations in life other than enjoying bureaucratic role. As a consequence, the person will always fear to lose his/her role. For example, such a person will never feel happy when a member of his/her team achieves anything rather will fear of being outshone. The difference with a true leader lays here as the person will not only take pride for his/her team’s good work but also appreciate them at the same time. Even might reward them as well.

Man Management Skills

Effective skills regarding managing your teammates or fellow colleagues properly can be treated amongst one of those vital characteristics an ideal leader should possess. It is quite an obvious thing that any team might consist of members having different specialties and skills. The job of a true leader is to encourage them and assign each member a particular role for the job that suits him/her the best. For doing this, the leader should have ample communication skills so that he/she can gel up with each and every member of the group and get necessary information regarding the fields of their specialty.

Ability to Take Pressure

Showing your back and running away from any severe situation is not the sign of a real leader for sure. A true leader not only should have the guts to take any on spot decision be it in sports or other field but also need to own the courage to face the outcomes accordingly, no matter whether it could be positive or negative. A leader needs to take the whole work pressure upon him/her and let the fellow workers feel a lot easier. Hence, those workers will not only become able to work even faster but also you can expect the best ever effort from them as well.

Motivating Skills

A real leader should have proper skills of motivating his/her fellow team members. However, some leaders often motivate others by giving several examples of any past activities done by any great person that can be considered as a benchmark. Some leaders take the way of offering influential motivating speech to the group members. No matter which way should be taken, an ideal leader should be well aware of the ability of his/her team and should know their goals to be achieved. Sticking to the basics, do not try any newly made weak strategies and keeping trust on one’s own abilities should be the motto of a successful team. Obviously, the leader needs to play a big role as the captain of his/her ship and show fellow members the right path.

A Good Friend

Being a good friend is also one of the key attributes of a true leader. If you wish to be a true leader of a team then first of all you have to become a true team man. If any member of a group or team feels shy or afraid of talking to the leader then the aspect of effective communication might be affected big time. A real team leader also should not put the blame to his/her fellow members for any failure and should take the entire responsibility upon his/her head and face the upcoming consequences.


In a nutshell, the above discussion can be put like this: no matter which type of field it may concern, if you wish to be a real leader, all you need to have is sum up of all the qualities that will help your team dodge any severe situation and reach the desired goal within given time. That is what expected from a genuine leader.

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