VMOST Analysis- A Study

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An Introduction

Whether a team is headed in the right direction or working towards the objectives of the company are important things that a team leader must be careful of. The team leader should also see to it that the objectives of the company are aligned to the vision of the company. However, they are often ignored and are lost in other interesting things in a business. While focusing on everyday activities of business, many unplanned things occur such as a team leader loses track of the original business plan, mission and vision statements lose relevance, etc. In this article, we will discuss about VMOST Analysis. This analysis is one of the strategy tools that help in implementing strategy of the business.

An Idea

The five most important elements of a business are vision, mission, objectives, strategies and tactics. The VMOST Analysis comprises of these elements and sees to it that that these elements are aligned to each other, so that the company attains the correct direction.

The nature of human beings is such that people focus on the daily activities and forget about the original vision of the company. The direction it was supposed to take is also lost in course of time. The strategies, objectives and tactics then become redundant. Mission and vision statements are rendered unnecessary and the company begins to take a different direction of its own. Desired results are not met even after team members give their best. For this, a company needs to have a business plan and must abide by it.

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