USP Analysis – A Detailed Study

USP Analysis - A Detailed Study


Business trainers have always stressed the presence of USP or Unique Selling Process. USP is the element that a professional has to offer for enhanced future prospects. The USP is what gives a business and a professional a competitive advantage. It provides a business the customers it gets. USP has led to the success of many organizations. It also helps professionals to get the recognition that they deserve. Without USP, an employee is bound to a life of struggle and a lot of hard work. In this article, we will discuss about the strategy tools that a company uses to apply its USP.


However, the concept of Unique Selling Process is quite difficult to come by. This is because, when a company introduces a USP in the market, its competitors imitate it.

Before a company can sell its products in the market, it has to sell itself on it. This becomes all the more important when the competitors sell similar products. There are few companies that are completely different and have no competitor.

Pinpoint USP

When a company decides to pinpoint its Unique Selling Process, it has to do some research and implement creativity.

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