Using Well-Formed Outcomes in Goal Setting – A Study

Set your goals


People set goals at the start of the year or when they come across something that can change their lives. However, sometimes people do come to a halt, even if they have the strongest intentions. Even after months pass by they do not achieve their results. In this article, we will discuss about goal setting and improving personal effectiveness through NeuroLinguistic Programming.


  • The goal setter has to think of a strong result, so that she has a strong urge to move forward. She should create a holistic picture of the goal she has and try to speed up the success. The idea of Well-Formed Outcomes is based on the principles of NeuroLinguistic Programming. In this tool, the goal setter needs to come up with a set of questions and make her intentions, thoughts and actions clear.
  • NeuroLinguistic Programming or NLP is a very popular technique of therapy and increases performance level through the determination of well – formed outcomes. It is often used in the professional arena.

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