Use LinkedIn Effectively to Build Business

Use LinkedIn Effectively to Build Business


Many people often overlook professional social networks. LinkedIn is one of those social networking sites that are often overlooked by professionals. But, one should remember that LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site that every professional should use to its fullest potential. You can stay in touch with a number of reputed business owners, clients, customers, colleagues and other renowned people. You can use LinkedIn in a number of ways to grow your business or career. It is one of the top professional sites that help you develop your organization.

In this article, we are going to explain different ways to use LinkedIn for the growth of your organization as well as your career. By using the tips discussed in this article, one can keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the largest networking sites in professional arena that is entirely different from other social networking sites such as – Face book, twitter, MySpace etc. You can use LinkedIn for professional as well as personal branding. The key benefits of LinkedIn include – finding a suitable job, connecting with potential customers, recruiting new employees, getting your business news, sales leads and many more.

LinkedIn boasts nearly 200 million registered users with congratulatory notes on more than 1%, 5% and 10% profiles. LinkedIn has a number of features such as – one-click endorsement, sending requests and adding people to the group, building and nurturing the network, multi-media, headshots and many more. By mastering over these features, one can strengthen their personal brand or develop their business. LinkedIn has the reputation of finding employers and recruiters faster with LinkedIn search. By using LinkedIn features, once can gain competency in the market.

Definitions used in LinkedIn

With the increasing number of social networking sites, it has become difficult or users to remember the terminology used in LinkedIn. We provide the definitions of some of the commonly used terms that help you understand the terms in a better way.

Connections – Connections are the people whom you invite or who have invited you to become a part of their network. People in your network are called as connections.

Network - Basically, there are 3 degrees of network connections in LinkedIn. They are - 1st degree, 2nd degree and 3rd degree. The 1st degree network connections are the people who are directly connected to you. The 2nd degree network connections are connected to your 1st degree connections. The 3rd degree network connections are connected to your 2nd degree connections.

LinkedIn groups – these are the people who are a part of your network as you are members of the same group. You can connect with multiple people in the same group without any introduction.

Profile – LinkedIn profile can be considered as your public face on LinkedIn. This is what the other users find when they locate you on LinkedIn through a search.

Introductions – Introductions can be considered as the process where a third person introduces two different people who are not currently connected. An introduction is the best way to bring unknown people together.

Recommendation – It is the short comment written by the connections regarding the quality of work you do or the service you provide. The recommendation is visible to all the users who see the endorsee’s profile. You can recommend your connection to other, the same way you recommend a friend or colleague for new job.

Tips to Use LinkedIn Effectively

Being one of the biggest professional networking sites, LinkedIn gained a huge popularity in the recent years. People from across the globe use LinkedIn to grow professionally. But, not all people who use LinkedIn succeed in their professional growth. If you want to succeed in developing your professional network, you should follow some guidelines. The below tips help you use LinkedIn effectively to build your business.

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Be Searchable

Users are allowed to search by using relevant keywords. Hence, it is recommended to be searchable by choosing the keywords relevant to your company or business. You should include those keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile, especially in the headline, summary and job description.

Get traffic

Driving huge traffic to your LinkedIn profile helps you get more connections. It helps you to enhance the visibility of your profile. LinkedIn has a feature that allows for multiple links to other websites. It is important to add that link to other areas like – your company profile, your blog, Facebook page etc. Make sure to use a word or phrase that describes the site to which you are linking.

Expand Virtually

Expand it to other networking sites regularly. You can do this by inviting like-minded people to join your network. Connect by sending invitations to – twitter followers, business contacts, friends, family, contacts in email book and other reputed people found on LinkedIn search toolbar.

Question & Answer

There are a number of people on LinkedIn who ask solutions for their professional problems. You can offer expertise to the people in your network and improve your reputation as an expert or knowledgeable person.

To Wrap Up

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that should be used carefully to avail 100% benefits. Some people use the site for job search, whereas other use for recruitment. It helps you stay in touch with potential clients, past colleagues, and other reputed people, and grow your professional network. It can also help your organization enhance its visibility for the brand and products. You can also get information about the potential customers and clients of your competitors.

To be successful in LinkedIn, you should add value to your business. Remember that people joined you on LinkedIn doesn’t mean that they are interested in what you say. In order to gain the interest and maintain professional relationship, you should also have to be interested in their work. This will help you develop the desired trust between the connections. As a result of which, they will not only identify you when you contact them to hold a meeting, but will be interested to meet you.

Before growing your LinkedIn network, take a step back and think of your ultimate objectives that you would like to achieve in your business over the next year.

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