Understanding the Effective Steps of House of Quality

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The successful companies will always contain essential data and information for helping them in the planning process. If any company is planning for a new product, the engineers of the company will definitely go through the history and the performances of the existing products. The data obtained from those products can be compared with the products of the competitors. Sometimes with the incomplete data, the comparison results may contradict with one another. The House of Quality matrix is the widely accepted method that can be used in this case.

Basic Concept

The House of Quality matrix helps in determining whether the requirements of the customers are being met or not. It can store and compare large amounts of data. The whole structure of the matrix simply resembles a house and so it is named like this. In the central portion of the matrix, the customer requirements are compared with the product requirements. Similar to the structure of the roof, there is a triangular section determines that the product requirements are supporting each other or they possess any negative relation among them. The customer rating section is situated in the right side of the central matrix where the customer can rate the products by comparing with the competitors products. Just below the central matrix, one row is situated for recording the organizational difficulties for the product requirements.

How the House of Quality Matrix can be Implemented in Business?

For building the house of quality, the initial stages may include identifying, clarifying and specifying the customers’ needs.

# Clarify Customer’s Needs

The manufacturers offer various features and the customers by them if they seem to be the benefits. Unless the manufacturers and the consumers are thinking in the same line, it will be difficult for anticipating the beneficial features. The wishes and the desires of all the customers can be represented in the tangible forms with some engineering specifications. Some of the features may include functions, costs, parts, tasks, processes, reliability and quality character.

# Specify Customer Needs

After you have identified all the products that are important to your customers, you can translate them into the engineering specifications. As nothing can be maintained without specific standards and specifications, you should simply define particular set of standards. The weights, heights and the torques and other measurements are to be clearly defined. These values can be derived from various locations. The organization can use the data from the secondary market research or can conduct new studies with the available information.

# Technical Requirements

When the requirements have been identified, efforts should be provided for fulfilling the customer’s needs. The additional standards and the requirements laid by the management are required to be identified properly. When all the requirements are identified properly, the product designs are to be modified for fulfilling all the requirements.

# Planning Matrix

The planning matrix will ensure that the team performs up to their standards to fulfill the needs of the customers. The customer’s ratings generally range from 1 to 5. The ratings will be provided according to the overall performance of the organization. The planning matrix is a part of the House of Quality matrix.

# Interrelationship Matrix

The main aim of the interrelationship matrix is to create a well established connection between the product requirements and the measurement of performances for improving the product design. The initial steps will include obtaining the opinions of the consumers about meeting the requirements of a specific product. The views are then recorded from the planning matrix and placed on the left side of the interrelationship matrix. The company can start formulating the strategies for improving the product. While involving in this process, the weaknesses and the strengths of the company gets revealed and are weighted against the priorities of the customers. This can indirectly help in determining all the aspects that are to be changed during the competition and what are the aspects to remain unchanged.

# Technical Correlation Matrix

With the existing designs, the performance measures can possess conflict with each other. The roof in the house of quality is often referred to as the technical correlation matrix where the customer requirements and the product requirements are identifiable with different units avoiding all the design conflicts. The impacts can vary in various categories like strong positive, positive, negative strong negative etc. If any cell can be identified with high correlation it can produce strong signals to the team. The engineers will immediately communicate and co ordinate with various changes. If there are negative impacts between the requirements, the design should be modified until all the negative impacts get erased. As various technical requirements are related to each other, the beneficial positive impacts can provide effective result. Working for the improvement of a single negative impact may affect the other requirements.

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# Technical Properties and Targets

The technical properties and targets can use some specific materials for recording the primary technical properties. For developing the degree of difficulties in every requirement, the technical properties matrix can provide technical performances. Therefore the final output of the matrix is a valid set of target values for each of the technical requirements for creating new improved designs. Sometimes the organizations are not able to create the most unique designs because of cost constraints, or the constraints from technology and other related items.

# Setting Targets and Benchmarks

The customer requirements are distributed with the quality characteristics and the relationships. The high quality characteristics indicate all the technical issues that are to be delivered to the consumers. It can help in creating strong relationship between the high quality characteristics and the high priority demanded quality items.

Key Points from the Article

From the article we now know

  • The overview and basic concept of House of quality
  • The process of creating the matrix
  • The different elements of the matrix and their uses

The house of quality matrix consists of various parameters that can ensure that the customer’s requirements are being satisfied with the products or the services of the organization.

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