Understanding the Change Curve Model

Change Decision Making Concept


Change is inevitable may it be in an organization or in your personal life. You should be prepared with proper change management tools to deal with these changes. In an organization often it is seen that they adapt certain change management procedures for dealing with these new changes. But dealing with these changes not only means is the system or in terms of new installments but it also includes the people working in that organization. As long as people don’t transform according to the new developments the organization would fail to function properly as a whole.

For someone who is in charge of handling these new provisions and developments not only does he manage the new installments, the changes needed in the structure of the system, but it is also his/her job to help the people within the organization who have been helping you in your quest all this while. The effects of changes on the people involved directly or indirectly with the project can be stressful at times traumatic. Changes can bring ill effects on your reputation and influence. Changes can even cost an employee his job.

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