Understanding Project Issue Management

Project Issue Management


Before going into detail about the topic, we should have a basic understanding of the word ‘issue’. The simple definition of the word issue is any issue that has occurred and is affecting or about to affect the project.

Notice that the issue is going to or is already impacting the project. This is how the issue and risk differ from each other. Risk has the probability of occurring, but it may not happen, unlike an issue. Issues require immediate actions to be taken in order to prevent the impact it has on the project.

What is an issue?

An issue is an incident causing problems that affect or potentially affect the delivery of the project in the specified period. It can also potentially damage the quality of the product.

For some ongoing projects, the definition of an issue is little different. It can be defined as a problem that request help that requires a response. The service department keeps track of the issue requesting a response. Issue management is the essentialaspect of any management methodology as it has the potential to impact the project. Identifying the issues is not hard if the team members are aware of the working definition of an issue. More ambiguity in the project will raise more issues.

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