Understanding Minority Influence Strategy

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Minority influence is a type of social influence when a smaller group influences a larger group to accept the former’s ideas or beliefs. In group dynamics the acceptance of majority’s decision is through compliance and conformity while acceptance of minority’s ideas is through conversion. When a minor group accepts the decision of majority it is through compliance, while the acceptance of a decision of a minority by a much larger group is through conversion.

Minority influence is a more creative form of group behavior as it involves changing public opinion towards a private viewpoint. A typical example of this type of behavior was the introduction of voting rights for women in United States in early 20th century. This idea was initially generated by a small group of suffragettes. In a conforming environment compliance is a common phenomenon. This compliancy might however be rejected in private. This is not such with conversions. Conversions involve acceptance in both private and public. It is a tough task for a minority to convince majority to come in agreement to their viewpoint.

For creating an impact on majority group members by a minority group four factors have been identified, namely, behavioral style, identification, style of thinking, and flexibility.

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