Understanding Georges and Guenzi’s Customer Trust Model

Georges and Guenzi customer trust model


Companies cannot stay competitive only through their products and services, but need to gain competitive advantage from multiple sources. One of these sources should be customer based that comprises of assets that are considered to be valuable by the customers. If you are looking for ways to build trustworthy relationship with your customers, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will know about the Customer Trust Model developed by Georges and Guenzi. The model comprises of 4 factors namely – customer orientation, expertise, likability and selling orientation that help you build trust with customers.

What is Customer Trust?

Customer trust can be considered as glue that hold the business relationships together and is repeated in actions. Customer trust is build by the actions you do such as – being consistent in words, immediate response, providing accurate information etc. Customer trust is a very important part of sales. You cannot develop your business without customer trust and loyalty.

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