Understanding Deming’s 14 Point Philosophy

Deming’s 14 Point Philosophy


The fundamental idea of effective administration is quality, which has to be the very basic of a company. Quality does not only signify a finished product on time, but it is a series of process that leads to a perfect quality project. An environment to succeed and an unstoppable determination to improve in the organization is the starting point of quality. It not only binds processes and employees to one branch of the organization, but from top to toe it aligns the processes. Effectiveness of the product depends on its modification and to bring a change whenever required has to be a part of the organization.

Deming’s 14 Point Philosophy- The Concept

William Edwards Deming an American statistician, professor, author, lecturer and a management consultant gave some certain ideals. Those ideas certainly helped Japan later on to be the second most powerful financial prudence of the world.
We are indebted to William Edward Deming for this metamorphic change in thinking. His clear thinking has made much more influence in this transition. His concept was company should improve the quality that will increase output and decrease in budget of expense. He is approved to start the movement. It has to be a change within the organization. Deming’s point of philosophy is applied equally to any business from multinational companies to general suppliers as well.

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