TRIZ Model for Creative Problem Solving

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Did you ever come across the situation, where you reached a stage after detailed analysis, and you are left with no option? The next step seems to be invisible or blocked, and in order to move forward, the project team should develop creative solutions. Project managers should exhibit their creative skills to figure out what to do.

In this article, we are going to discuss about TRIZ tool that accelerates the ability of project team to solve problems in an effective manner.

What is TRIZ?

Brainstorming is one of the best techniques that help you come out of this situation. However, the success of brainstorming technique depends highly on the knowledge of group members. Moreover, a broad array of solutions can be missed, as they are out of scope of the project team.

TRIZ is a problem solving technique that is based on logic, data and research. There is no role of intuition in TRIZ and help the users draw conclusions of past knowledge. TRIZ results in predictability, reliability and repeatability to solve problems in an effective manner. TRIZ is acronym for “The Theory of Inventive problem Solving” and was developed by G.S. Altshuller and his colleagues. This model is based on the international science of creativity and depends on the study of patterns of problems as well as their solutions. It is not based on the creativity thinking of the individuals. Nearly 3 million patents are analyzed to know the patterns that predict the solutions.

TRIZ presents an efficient methodology for analyzing the challenging problems where creativity is required and gives a scope of procedures and devices for discovering innovative solutions. One of the best discoveries of the research on which the hypothesis is based is that maximum issues that require imaginative solutions. The main objective of TRIZ-based investigation is to apply the methods and tools to discover unmatched solutions that conquer the requirement for a trade off or exchange off between the two components.

How to Get Generalized Solutions?

TRIZ research started with the theory that there are all inclusive standards of imagination that are the premise for creative solutions. The thought was that if these standards could be recognized and systematized, they could be taught to individuals to make the methodology of creativity more unsurprising. A great part of TRIZ comprises of learning the repeating pattern of issues, examples of specialized development and routines for utilizing logical impacts, and applying the general TRIZ patterns to the particular circumstance that defies you.
From the TRIZ general problems, you distinguish the TRIZ answers for those general solutions, and after that perceive how these can be connected to the particular issue you confront.

How to Eliminate Contradictions?

One more of the key idea that drives TRIZ is that the foundation of numerous issues is a basic inconsistency that causes it. In numerous cases, a solid method for tackling an issue is to take out these contradictions. TRIZ perceives the contradictions into the below categories-

# Technical Contradictions

These contradictions are traditional "trade-offs.", where the coveted state can't be arrived at in light of the fact that something else in the framework avoids it. At the end of the day, when something improves, something else consequently deteriorates. For example - The item gets stronger, yet the weight expands.

# Physical contradictions

These contradictions are also called as “inherent”, and are considered as the circumstances in which an object endures opposing and inverse necessities. For example - training ought to take quite a while, however, it will not take.

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Why should you Learn TRIZ?

TRIZ offers the best solution, where the individual tools are clear, the critical thinking methodology is precise and repeatable, and when you move quickly with TRIZ you can uncover all the solutions and keep your brains at the highest creative level. Designers comprehend TRIZ better than any other individual in light of the fact that it originates from designing achievement, it was created by specialists for architects; while TRIZ was produced for developing and tackling specialized issues, the instruments and methodologies can be utilized to comprehend and take care of any kind of issue.

The TRIZ tool and methodology provides you the best answers that fit your circumstances and imperatives. Numerous critical thinking strategies offers issue understanding. Similarly, TRIZ offers you critical thinking devices, by efficiently taking you to a scope of great and significant arrangements gathered from the world's patent database.

TRIZ offers straightforward route to get the connection and environment. Representatives figure out how to sort complex data to comprehend the applicable area, and identify where their issues fit. Effective TRIZ contextual analyses will be demonstrated to exhibit the significance of these steps in issue understanding. Tackling issues with TRIZ means discovering a scope of great and pertinent arrangements, and afterward picking the best solution.

Understanding the issue helps you see great arrangements. However, in the event that you haven't revealed an answer by this point, it will discover answers for your issue. This is an interesting feature of TRIZ and other critical thinking options depend just on brainstorming at a particular point. You will utilize the TRIZ methodology to help you look in the right places for important information.

Summing Up

The conclusion is - TRIZ enhances the creativity of the developers by providing them with a broad array of collection of technique. This helps them come up with a unique idea that generates multiple solutions. Some of these solutions can be described as the concepts generated out of the box. After obtaining possible solutions, one can use the technique this technique to evaluate different solutions and get the best solution to implement.

Problem solving is getting more challenging these days. The main reason behind this is all the components need to be accessed in a different way, and by the time you come up with a solution, a new problem arises. Based on the TRIZ review and its application, it can be said that TRIZ has a great level of influence on decision making and problem solving process. The application of TRIZ is extended beyond its initial version, and hence there is a great increase in the popularity of TRIZ model.

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