Top 5 Measures for Surviving Long Work Hours

Working Late


Have you thought how many hours you work throughout the entire week at your office? Are you spending extended working hours at your job? Working for long hours may fetch boredom as it hampers personal life and reduce your productivity. But, if you can cope up with such situation, you will be rewarded generously by your company.

Have you ever stopped and analyzed how much time you spend over your mobile phone, commuting and the actual time you spend at your office? If it exceeds above eighty hours a week, then your task can be treated as extreme job.

Harvard Business Review conducted a survey on extreme jobs in the past and has made several findings that include factors for long working hours. The term extreme job was coined by the President of the Center for Work Life Policy Sylvia Ann Hewlett. She has conducted several studies on extreme jobs and she has suggested some ways to deal with such situations.

Hewlett says that duties of extreme jobs vary. But, there are some indications to alert you for effectively handling the one.

Nature of Extreme Jobs

Extreme jobs span fields which you may expect like investment banking and media. You can find these jobs in education, non-profitable organizations, manufacturing and other sectors.

These jobs come with work related situations outside normal working hours. The tasks involve taking care of profitability of company, mentoring and recruiting and even include great deal of travelling.

Many People Love Extreme Job

A survey study that was conducted in the past suggested that people who are assigned with extreme job, they love to do it. Hewlett says that the positions, in which people are involved, are very interesting.

Result of Survey

The survey result showed that approximately 70% of the people love to do this kind of job. Unfortunately, it is likely to be brief affair. Around 80% of the women, who hold these positions, said that they could not keep them for more than a year.

They feel pressurized, when other responsibilities begin surfacing like taking care of old parents or children. It has been found that many men begin to feel the burnt of these kinds of jobs after three to five years as their pace gets affected due to mental and physical stress.

How to Survive Long Work Hours?

Firstly, give yourself a break. According to Hewlett, it is not that the attitude towards your work should become wimpier. You will find that it is the model of work, which becomes worst.

It is not your fault if you somehow cannot balance your act. You have to note that you are dealing with extreme job model.

You can use some strategies and tools, which can assist you for coping up with increased demands and the ways that will not leave negative impact on your health.

1. Utilize your Work Time in an Effective Manner

When you are working at your office, you need to eliminate distractions. Therefore, you can do as much work during the specified hours. This will also help you to manage your personal time for your family.

While you are at work, stop surfing news sites and refrain you from discussing political matters wit your colleagues. Next thing, which you need to do, is to stop checking your personal emails. It eats lot of your valuable time during working hours. Many emails are simply outdated, irrelevant or spam.

If emails bother you, you should check the subject line, delete them once if they are irrelevant, and activate your junk filter.

2. Inculcate Office Etiquettes

It is required that you need not become slave to your personal device. This kind of device extends your time spent in office. Here is an example. You are holding a meeting and your mobile phone starts ringing and you are attending the call. In the mean time, your team members also get opportunity to check their mails.

Due to this kind of distraction, the pace of the meeting slows down and it takes long time for completion. If there is an emergency, the person will call you. He or she will not send you email. You can answer those emails during your leisure time.

3. Follow the Male Competitive Model

Hewlett suggests people to follow this model. According to her view, the Male Competitive Model is cumulative, continuous, lock step employment. She further said that if a person is unable to get on that track, he or she thinks, failure has occurred.

In that case, what is the reason behind climbing up the corporate ladder? It is a wise idea for pacing up yourself and you should note that you are competition in yourself.

You can find success, when you are balancing personal responsibilities with work and you are happy with your current position.

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4. Reduce the Level of Activity If You Feel Pressurized

If you feel that responsibilities are mounting up, you can reduce the level of activity, but, you should not quit the job completely. It has been found that many women leave workstation, only for finding it impossible for breaking back in few years down the road.

You can talk to your employer regarding options before you leave the position and you can work on part time basis. If your task is not flexible enough for allowing cut in hours, there are other ways for staying in the game. You can go for freelancing or consulting jobs.

5. Wake Up Early in the Morning

Many people love to enjoy the warmth of bed even if they are awake. During that time many of them prefer to go through various posts or comments that flood social media platforms. Avoid these kinds of activities. Leave the bed, refresh yourself and go for walk or perform light exercise. This will help you to stay active by keeping your body and mind alert.


It is nice to learn that higher position jobs pay handsome salary, perks and incentives. Sometimes, for completing a task, it takes longer time that can leave you tired. So, avoid distractions like checking personal emails or engaging in discussions, which have no connection with business affairs. In this way, you can utilize maximum time for business growth.

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