Thinking Positive with the Losada Ratio

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Losada Ratio also known as the Losada line or the critical positivity ratio is the exact ratio of positive to negative emotions which differentiates flourishing and languishing people. This psychological concept was introduced by the well known psychologists Dr. Marcial Losada and Barbara Fredrickson.

Basic Concept of the Positivity Ratio

Human flourishing can be reflected from the feel-good factor. Positivity plays a great role in the flourishing activities of human being. So, in the mathematical view, what can be the exact positivity ratio? In the study done by Catalino and Fredrickson in the year 2011, it was proved the people who flourish in their own ways is distinct from the others with their positive emotions. For the test purpose of this bold idea they can come across with some samples and examples. The samples have been collected from the daily report of the emotions of the university students for the consecutive 28 days. The flourishers and the non flourishers can be divided into two main sections. In sample 1 , for example, n=87 , the positivity ratio for the flourishers can be 3:2: 1 determined as the mean of the ratios. The non flourisher’s ratio will be just the opposite like 1:2:3. In the 2nd sample, we can find that the mean ratio is 3:4:1 and 2:1:1 for flourishers and the non flourishers respectively where n=101. According to the statistical linear tests, the ratios of the flourishers as well as the non flourishers are significantly different from each other.

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