Think Different For Generating New Ideas

Generating New Ideas


For the ever increasing competition, your organization should perform in a different way than the others in the crowd. You should be hearing messages like ‘let us do things differently’ very frequently in your workplace. The constant ongoing innovation makes it difficult to stay upright in the midst of the competition. Generating new ideas can help you come out with flying colors and be unique and noticeable within the crowd.

Basic Concept

We often have a misconception that creativity is a skill that is rare and is present only within some brilliantly intelligent people. This concept is not at all true. Anyone can come up with fresh ideas if he practices and cultivates this skill within himself. The proper idea generation techniques should be combined with the existing ideas to produce purely fresh ideas. Different tools are available to equip yourself to start with the idea generation process. The tools will only be effective if you are properly expertise in the areas you are working in. In other words, if you are not well prepared with the basic knowledge, the tools cannot perform in generating fresh ideas.

How to Generate New Ideas?

Sometimes, our thoughts get channelized into a specific direction and we cannot come out of that path. But redirecting those paths and breaking the conventional thoughts will help to find out ways to generate new ideas. Let us go through few of the techniques:

Assumptions to be challenged:

You prepare some set of assumptions back in your mindset and cannot come out. First of all, you will have to challenge those assumptions. For example, you are going to buy a house and you do not have the sufficient amount of money to make the down payment. Now you will have to break the assumptions and look out for other sources and options. You may not have money in the bank for the down payment, but is it possible to raise the money by selling some of your other assets or can you dip into your retirement fund. You should work for six months and then fill up the deficit again.

Change the Perspective of the Problem:

Try to see the problem from different perspectives. You should be aware why the problem needs to be solved. What will happen if the problem never gets solved? Finding the answers of these questions will make you see the issues from different perspectives.

Think Upside Down:

When you are totally blocked with your thinking process, try to think in just the reverse way. For examples, instead of solving the problem, think how you can create the problems. Now various problems will come into your mind. Now if you again reverse your thoughts of solving those problems, your purpose will be served.

Different Media for Expressing:

Though we possess multiple aptitudes, we just tend to express our ideas with the verbal reasoning ability. If we rethink of the media, we can consider expressing our ideas through music, paint, word games and also with clay surface. While expressing the ideas in different media, different patterns can come up and from that new patterns, new ideas can easily generate.

Keep Your Eyes Open:

When anything catches your eyes, try to think why was it so special that it attracted your eyes. Now you can focus on your niche and can generate fresh ideas easily.

Sleep and Dream:

Yes, you can generate new ideas just in your dreams. When you are thinking about any specific subject for a long time, you tend to dream about it while sleeping. It is our sub conscious mind that acts during the sleep. Sometimes listening to your dreams or the inner messages is really helpful for the unique ideas. You should crawl down from the bed in the middle of the night and scribble down the ideas before it is forgotten.

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Browse Webs:

Web surfing can be one of the effective methods for generating new ideas. The search engines and different informative sites can help you to obtain unique ideas.

Someone Else’s Perspective:

You can ask different persons about the problems and how will they go about it. You may collect answers from your family, friends, customers, suppliers, senior citizens, and a ten year old child, person belonging to different culture and anyone and everyone available to you. Therefore different persons will see the things differently and you can serve the purpose of generating new ideas.

Role Play Games:

Take part in the ‘role-play’ games and put yourself in the other’s shoes. The situations can be solved if you think by playing the games. This will provide with different perspective and hence different problem solving ideas.

Change the Old Environment:

Sometimes, changing the existing environment and moving to a new one can help in generating new ideas. For example, instead of holding the meeting in the conference room of your office, you can continue the meeting in the nearby coffee shop. This change of environment will help in seeking new ideas.

Switch off Distractions:

When you are thinking of the fresh ideas, keep your mind free from any distractions. You can divert your phone calls or close the doors if necessary. If your thinking space remains without any clutter , fresh ideas will easily come up.


Fun and humor are necessary especially when the brainstorming and the thinking session is continuing within a team.

Believe in Yourself:

Last but not the least; you should have belief in yourself that you are able to generate new ideas. Positive attitude will help you to improve your performance.

Key Points from the Article

From the article we can easily understand that:


  • Generating new ideas are considered to be the essential skills in today’s competitive world. You can practice and hone the skills.
  • What is the basic concept and the purpose of generating the fresh ideas
  • The proper methods of generating new ideas.

You just need to think out of the box and break all your pre conceived assumptions to become successful in generating the new ideas.

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