The Skill/Will Matrix- A Thorough Study

The SkillWill Matrix- A Thorough Study


Coaches come across different types of team members while mentoring. While some have experience and are highly motivated, others are less experienced but enthusiastic about their work. While some are weak to progress and have low interest, others have high skill but very low motivation to work. To be able to assess the skill and motivation level of teammates and coach them accordingly, we will discuss about Skill/Will Matrix in this article. We will thus, gain insight into coaching and team management.

Origin of Skill/Will Matrix

Skill/Will Matrix was pioneered by the professional development and executive coaching expert, Max Landsberg in the book, “The Tao of Coaching”.

An Idea of Skill/Will Matrix

The Skill/Will Matrix is a guide to use the most appropriate management style on a team member. A coach uses it to mentor his or her team members by matching their willingness and skill level with four different management styles. Matching the willingness and skill level of the team members with a management style makes sure that the task is smoothly conducted.

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