The Rhetorical Triangle – A Study

The Rhetorical Triangle - A Study

An Introduction

The prospect of giving presentation before a room full of audience makes everyone nervous. It is quite natural. For an employee, presenting a set of information to many people entails a lot of preparation and practice. In this article, we will discuss about The Rhetorical Triangle which is a study on communication and communication method.

An Explanation of Rhetorical Triangle

Since the advent of email and internet, the trend of direct communication is almost gone. However, the increasing use of emails has made it all the more necessary to express facts correctly. Writing is tad different from speaking face-to-face. Proper communication through writing involves proper utilization of words. It is difficult to get back a reader who does not understand or misinterprets your email. A person does not get a second chance to convince the reader once she sends the mail. For this reason, she has to be careful when choosing her words.

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