The POSITIVE Model of Coaching – An 8-step Framework to Motivate Goal Accomplishment

The POSITIVE Model of Coaching – An 8-step Outline to Motivate Goal Accomplishment


One of the crucial responsibilities of a leadership position is to derive full commitment from the followers to fulfill goals. Proper guidance and strong encouragement is necessary to gain complete dedication from the employees. There are various ways to accomplish this particular leadership responsibility. One of the most effective ways is the much celebrated The POSITIVE Model of Coaching designed by Vincenzo Libri, which aims at helping leaders to coach and inspire their followers to meet their goals successfully. This article endeavors to explore the highly functional eight-step structure for motivating people to reach their goals, The POSITIVE Model of Coaching.

POSITIVE Model of Coaching

The POSITIVE Model of Coaching - Origin and Idea

The POSITIVE Model of Coaching was devised by Vincenzo Libri. It was published in the year 2004 in his well-known article, Beyond GROW: in Search of Acronyms and Coaching Models. This model, rather an outline has been acknowledged for being extremely useful in stimulating people to achieve their goals by building powerful support networks with utmost perfection.

According to him, the word POSITIVE can be explained as follows.

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