The Planning Cycle for Successful Project Management Execution

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The Planning Cycle is a tool for effective project management that brings together the different planning aspects into a unified, coherent process. When you plan within the given structure, they are cost-effective, well structured, resilient, practical, well focused, and fully considered. Besides this helps you to learn from the mistakes that you make also, feed them back when you are decision-making or doing future plans. Manage and plan the ongoing projects with this cycle up to certain complexity levels and this depends upon various circumstances. Whenever, you have projects that involve many people over long periods you require approach and methodologies that is more formal.

Importance of Planning Cycle

Instead of straight-through process, it is better to consider planning in a cyclic format. Once you devise any plan, it is important to do effective evaluation to gauge its chances of success. It may be number or cost-based evaluation or if you want, it is possible to use other types of analytical tools too. It's the reason behind the analysis is to determine,

  • Unwanted consequences related to a plan
  • Whether it is too expensive
  • If it simply doesn't work

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