The Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile – A Detailed Study

The Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile- A Detailed Study

An Introduction

Every team is built with the hope of meeting a goal. However, there have been times when teams with the most able members have failed to accomplish goals. This can be caused by the fact that the team members were not assigned tasks that suit their capabilities. May be the tasks did not use their full potential. In this article, we will discuss about team building and team dynamics through the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile.

An Idea

Every team leader looks for a person who has the correct technical expertise. Therefore, capabilities and potential do not mean technical expertise and experience. Here, capabilities have more generic tone. They include solving problems, brainstorming, planning, decision-making, implementing decisions, etc. A team that includes members who are good at these aspects is a successful one.

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