The Buy-Sell Hierarchy to Understand Customer Relationships

The Buy-Sell


Prices are too high these days and sales giving away our product. The arguing points between professionals who manage prices and who manage customers are increasing, and there is no conclusion on which group is right and which group is wrong. There is no correct answer to these questions. Whatever is the industry you are in; customers want to look at you and not your competitors to meet their needs. /p>

Organizations need to think about the relationships, which they have with their customers. You should think about what the customers feel about your business. You should know whether they consider you as potential supplier or as business partner who depend on strategic issues. Do you listen to their needs or just manufacture products with just some basic specifications.

In this article, we will look at buy-sell hierarchy that helps organizations explore the relationships they have with their customers. Through this model, one will know how to closely work with their customers and how to build strategic relationships.

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