The Art of Filing – A Study

The Art of Filing - A Study


Some people keep their colleagues and bosses waiting over the phone while they search for an important document among huge stores of paper. These are times when the person on the other end of the phone receives wrong impression about the person who has been asked for a piece of information. Filing papers is useful to save time when there is a lot of work. It may seem boring to a large extent, but at the end of the day it helps in making things appear smooth. In this article, we will discuss about proper ways of managing files, so that a professional can improve her personal effectiveness.


  • Even if this is a digital age, paper documents are still in vogue. There is a huge range of important information that is stored for later use. Professional people want things to be near their hands, so that they can get hold of them whenever required. Moreover, properly arranged documents also help in gathering information before preparing presentation or writing a report, therefore saving time.
  • When a professional cannot find out an important paper, she not only lets her colleagues or bosses down, but also gets stressed in the process. Thus, she should practice organizing her papers by using time management tools.

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