Team-Building Exercises – A Detailed Study

People Holding Hands and Teamwork Concepts


Team-building exercises act as weekend retreats at golf courts or restaurants. Such retreats, from the usual monotony of work are enjoyable for the entire team including the manager. However, the job of the team leader is to notice the difference in the behavior of her teammates after the team-building exercise. The team members may improve their manners towards each other or may go back to their usual bickering. In this article, we will discuss about team-building exercises and team management. In this study, we will learn about team-building and dynamics.

An Idea

Managers plan activities, so that they can help the team members cooperate with each other. However, if the plans of the manager are not fruitful and the team-building exercise does not help in doing what it is meant to be; team members lose respect for the manager.

These exercises can develop strengths and address weaknesses of team members. There has to be a strategic planning for conducting these exercises, for instance, inculcating creativity skills.

When planning a team-building exercise, a team leader should first find out the challenges her team members face. This will help in deciding the type of exercise for building the team.

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