Taking Smart Risks with Business Experiments

tubes in the laboratory


The managers can take steps for implementing various ideas. These ideas may not possess necessary support for the backup purpose. They can try different approaches by fiddling with the offerings and altering the methods in which the work gets done. They will act upon their common sense or the gut feeling most of the times. When they are not sure about the approaches and which one will work, they can go for business experiments, also known as the pilot projects and the pilot experiments.

Basic Concept

Business Experiments involve anything from the basic tests to various complex projects. For example; whether you should change the welcome message of your website or should test a new process in the telephone enquiries. You can also test new products or services with a small number of customers. After testing the ideas on the smaller segments, you will have a clear understanding of the method by which it can perform in the large scale. The failures and the errors from the tests can also refine the ideas to improve it.

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