Take A Team Decision With Multi-Voting

Take A Team Decision With Multi-Voting


Teams can use various brainstorming tools for solving various process related issues and can generate possible solutions. After the process is over, the particular team can go for the multi-voting process. It is the tool that can be best used in groups or teams where the reviews of long lists are required. You can easily reach a consensus from various items and categorize the top priority from them, though it is not suitable for single issue consensus.

About the Tool

Multi-voting is a technique used for group decision making and sometimes known as N/3 voting where N stands for the number of ideas. Each team member will be assigned with a single vote. Therefore, one vote is equal to one idea. For example, if there are in total 60 ideas, the member gets 60/3 that is 20 votes each. In this process, the less significant ideas will be waived off and finally, only the most important ideas will survive. So, it is that tool which helps in prioritizing items from the long lists and therefore, reducing the unimportant ones.

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