Successful Induction Boosts Organization’s Productivity

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Recruiting right work force is a time consuming affair. When recruiters finish the recruitment process, their job is not yet over. They need to make the new recruits familiar with the company’s work culture, workplace values and many other aspects. So, in order to make the new candidates productive and feel comfortable with their new job, the organization conducts employee induction program.

In the past, an employee induction program aimed at new candidates to fill in personnel records, conducting ice breaking sessions with other fellow workers and making familiar with other things. But, these things do not work nowadays. Candidates demand more these days.

The common complaints that new candidates have about induction program include- this kind of session appears boring, they become confused, etc. The results of induction program are confusing and new candidates take lot of time to become productive. As a result, the new recruits suffer from frustration and quit their job.

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