Stress – A Detailed Study

Stress-A Detailed Study

An Introduction

Extensive research has been conducted about stress over the last century. While some of the theories are still under debate, others have been accepted in the international forum. There is however a constant war between different kinds of definitions. In this article, we will discuss about stress. Here, there will be a detailed account of the “fight-or-flight” response to stress.

What is Stress?

According to Hans Selye, one of the exponents of stress research, stress need not have a negative effect. While the stress of creative work is beneficial for health, what people go through for fear of failure or humiliation is harmful stress. Stress can not only be caused from fear of something negative; it can also be the result of a negative attitude. Selye went on to explain that whether a situation is positive or negative, the biochemical effects of stress would influence the mind and body.

Selye laid his views in 1956. After that, there has been a lot of research regarding stress and stress management. As a result, the concept of stress has undergone a thorough change. In the twenty first century stress is attached to a negative aspect. It is considered that stress relieves a series of harmful biochemical effects which last for a long time. These effects are hardly seen under positive conditions.

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