“Stop – Keep Doing- Start” Tool Helps in Improving Business Productivity



Large-scale companies have well-organized evaluation systems for measuring performance. Small organizations lack such feedback systems that aim for improvement. If you, as a manager or business owner, want to understand the value of interaction, then you should start asking for feedbacks regarding your actions from your employees or team members. Asking for feedbacks may be a daunting task. Before you initiate the process, you should think from the business’s perspective and then proceed ahead for accomplishing the business’s goals. You can use the “Stop- Keep Doing- Start” tool for collecting feedbacks from your employees and frame decisions for attaining business growth.

About “Stop – Keep Doing – Start” Process

The psychology professor at Brigham Young University Phil Daniels devised the feedback tool. The “Stop – Keep Doing – Start” (SKS) process comprises of short set of questions that you can use for collecting feedbacks.

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