Steps for an Effective PPC Campaign

PPC Pay Per Click


Online advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click) is the method of marketing where the advertiser does not require paying charge for placing the advertisements. He only needs to pay each time the advertisement is clicked and sent to their website. Therefore the keywords and the phrases can be chosen for associating with the website. The advertisers will have the freedom to decide that how much money he is willing to pay against each click. The benefit of the advertisement is that you already filter in those visitors who are interested in your business and therefore you are paying only for them.

Basic Concept of PPC

PPC is a sponsored advertising where wide range of websites and the search engines can be used. It is a very cost effective method of getting noticed by the target audience.PPC can act like a silent auction. The advertisers can place their bids on the keywords which they assume as the search term of their target audience. When the visitor types that particular search query in the search engine, the PPC ad gets displayed on the page. In case of the search engines, the ad is generally placed on the right or just above the search results to get a clear visibility. In case of the websites, the site designer or the administrator can decide the position of the advertisement display.

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