Starbursting Brainstorming Techniques to Generate Creative Ideas

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People often bombard with multiple questions, whenever there is a discussion about launching a new product or finding solution to a problem. It is very essential for people to question about the relevant aspects before the project starts. It is important to ask the questions in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

In this article, we are going to discuss about Starbursting technique that helps you in the process of systematic questioning, each and every time you explore a new idea.

About the Concept

Starbursting can be considered as a kind of brainstorming that help you focus more on generating questions instead of answers. It can be used in an iterative manner, where further layers are developed by answering initial set of questions. If you need to explore a proposal, you need to make use of techniques such as – risk analysis, impact analysis etc. The best way to guarantee a water-tight idea is to challenge by asking questions.

The important thing to remember is that starbusting technique focuses primarily on generating questions and not answers. Whatever is the method, you can be successful, if you remain as an active member as long as the brainstorming session is conducted. There are 4 basics of brainstorming, which every participant should follow –

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