Solution Focused Coaching for Effective Results

Solution focused coaching


These days, managers and employers look for ways to increase enjoyment in work and lessen their problems. As a result of which the need for external coaching has become extensive and growing rapidly. One may consider coaching themselves without hiring external coach. If you want to coach, there are numerous options that one needs to explore.

In this article, we will discuss about solution focused coaching that help you conduct the coaching sessions in a brief and, yet effective manner.

What is Solution Focused Coaching?

Team leaders and members often face the problem of hectic schedules and tight deadlines. As a result of this, they may not be able to take enough time to conduct coaching sessions. Coaching session has become one of the important tasks that are must to be performed by team leaders and managers on regular basis.

Solution focused coaching sessions emphasizes on assisting the manager to define the future state and to construct a pathway that assists the manager to achieve that state with ease. In other words, the manager who is going to play the role of a coach need to think about what he/she wants to achieve and plan how to achieve it. Managers can come up with a practical approach to do this by identifying the requirements and outlining the plan to achieve it.

It is worth knowing about its features, which are simple and yet effective. Anyone can pick this kind of coaching session, and use it wisely. It offers a practical route that is different from routine culture and helps you get the results quickly. Solution focused coaching was developed by Steve De Shazer at the Brief Family therapy Centre and was built on the ideas that produce a change and finds what is going in the employee’s life. It is based on the principles, which are described as below –

It is better to focus on solutions and not problems

Managers often forget on what they need to focus on. Understanding the problem won’t help you reach the solution. The time that is spent on talking will not help you move towards the solution. Solution focused coaching engage in conversations with clients about what they are doing or what they are going to do. This help the clients form a mental picture of what they need to solve. By focusing on positive solutions, rather than negatives, the clients are more likely to bring positive changes.

Remember that changes always happen in small steps

The small changes in an organization are going to have big consequences that led to organizational development. People always make use of same steps to change different situations. By using the solution focused coaching mode, clients are empowered with a belief that that can find different solutions to different tasks.

People have to change the resources they already have

One should find the resources that are beneficial for them. People need to change the resources they already have. The emphasis of solution focused approach is not on the maintenance of the problem, but the capability of the individuals to change the problems.

Work at different level

One should focus on working at surface level, instead of understanding someone else’s problem and trying to find out solutions. People sometimes get stuck into the expectations that expectations don’t represent real solutions. They may seem to be inconsequential, but their way of thinking at different level help then find real solution.

Clients show how changes occur

If the clients don’t want to do what the coaches say or do some other thing, we believe that they are non-resistant. We don’t realize that they are thinking about the best thing to do at the time. Coaches help you talk their word, and they are in touch with the approach of the client to change and not their own approach.

Coaching is a solution focused endeavor

According to solution focused approach, the client is knows what he want and what he don’t want. Remember that clients have store of data that will be examined in coaching for traces of solutions, which they have already worked on. At last, the client is the expert who knows what to do and what not to do.

Techniques used in Solution Focused Coaching

A coach who is solution focused coaching makes use of different techniques that work well with different client to identify their goals. The main aim of the coach is to focus on what the client needs, and not what the coach thinks about his needs. Coaches are encouraged to use a flexible approach in suing solution focused coaching techniques.

The most common techniques used in solution focused coaching are – miracle question, exception question and scaling question.

  1. Miracle question is the one that is used to paint the picture of what the client actually needs. The coach asks the client a few questions that help him to know what he wants. This not only helps the coach know the requirements of the client, but also help the client t perform better.
  2. Exception question is another technique that is employed to find out the strengths of the client from his past experiences. These strengths may be applied to the current situation of client rather than teaching new skills.
  3. Asking scaling questions is another technique, where the client is asked to rate an issue on a scale of one to ten. The questions help you determine how the client sees things and how he will implement change if small amount of changes have occurred.


Solution focused coaching is to discuss about the solutions, rather than the problems. Once the client finds a solution, they can easily identify the path to reach it. Solution focused coaching can be brief and is focused on achieving specific goals. Clients prefer this simple method to deal with problems as it is very fast and provides effective results. You will be surprised to see how positive results take place over the course of few coaching sessions. Clients will learn to focus on finding solutions rather than worry about the problems.

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