Snyder’s Hope Theory Leads to Business Success

Snyder's Hope Theory


In daily life, you come across many hurdles. How do you cope up with them? Do you find ways to overcome them or simply give up? If you can manage to find alternative ways of fulfilling your goals, you will see that your life has become cheerful as well as purposeful.

As per findings of Charles Richard “Rick” Snyder, who was one of the reputed positive psychologists, hopeful thinkers can attain better results and these kinds of people are psychologically and physically stronger than pessimists.

By studying Snyder’s Hope Theory, you will learn the ways of successfully achieving your goals. This theory also discusses about various strategies, which you can implement for taking positive approach, when time gets tough.

Snyder’s Hope Theory - Origin and Idea

Snyder got inspiration from the concepts of forgiveness and hope. All throughout his career, Snyder has written approximately 262 articles regarding the impact, which hope can have on aspects of life like work, health, education and personal meaning. In addition, he has written six books on Hope Theory.

Hope Theory suggests that there are three things that help a person to carry out hopeful thinking.

  • Goal – Visualizing life in a goal oriented manner
  • Pathway – Finding different avenues for achieving your goals
  • Agency – Believing that you can trigger changes that will help you to fulfill your goals

Snyder found that hopeful thinkers are those people, who have the capability for establishing clear goals, stick with their mission during hard times and can work out various ways for fulfilling their aim.

The Essence of Hope

It has been found that even the best thought out plans sometimes do not yield the expected results. Whatever skill or talent you may possess, hope is a kind of state of mind, which assists you in navigating twists and turns of life. It also keeps you moving during tough times.

You can see that hope not only brings you a sense of happiness, it is also the mechanism of human survival.

Your ability to think hopefully starts developing in early childhood. Since your birth, you start to find correlations, until you begin developing an understanding of causality or the notion, where one thing can lead to another. This is the principle of pathways thinking, which is one of the elements of Snyder’s Hope Theory.

Application of Snyder’s Hope Theory

You can apply Hope Theory for helping your staffs to put their talents for good use, making best use of opportunities and becoming successful in life by setting and sincerely following meaningful goals.

Now, it is time, where you need to focus on three vital elements of Snyder’s Hope Theory and you will learn the strategies, which will help your staffs for achieving their goals to attain business profitability.

Set Atmosphere for Goal Oriented Thinking

Goal oriented thinking and goals are foundations of Snyder’s Hope Theory. Goals can be short or long term in nature. These can be statements or mental images like picturing yourself.

When Snyder conducted interview with his subjects, he found that those people reported sense of hope when they found that their goals were achievable. But, some of their goals showed degree of uncertainty.

You should think about your own objectives. See, whether they are challenging or easy to attain. You can set SMART goals, which are

  • S – Specific
  • M - Measurable
  • A - Attainable
  • R – Relevant
  • T – Time-bound

You can also use success programming tools for envisioning the goals which you wish to fulfill in life and imagining the future success.

If you are assigned with leadership role, you need to motivate your staffs for setting their own goals or work them for writing personal mission statement, which defines what they should attain.

Find Pathways for Goal Fulfillment

Pathway thinking states your belief with which you find suitable ways for fulfilling your goals. If you adopt creative and determinable ways for fulfilling your goals, you can become more hopeful.

It in mean time, you can come across situations that will hamper your goal fulfillment objectives. During that time, you have to think of alternative routes towards mission attainment.

You should look at a goal with which you would like to work first. Analyze things that will help you to transform your vision into reality. Prepare a list of measures, which are required in order to make it happen.

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Indentify Hindrance

Now point out any complication, risk or barrier, which may surface on this path. Then, you need to formulate a contingency plan for preparing for the most likely ones.

Trigger Change

Agency is your unrelenting belief, with which the pathways that you have identified will eventually lead you towards your chosen goal, if you keep on moving steadily along them.

Agency thinking is crucial when the path, which you are following for goal attainment, becomes blocked. It provides you the willingness and flexibility for moving to a more successful pathway.

It has been found that the biggest hindrance towards goal fulfillment is the scarcity of time. You should find out time for developing good habits, which will allow you for moving forward. Devote most of your time to prime goals by blocking out a regular slot in your daily schedule.

If you feel that your motivations are becoming weak, you need to create vision board or treasure map for acting as a constant reminder for the goals, which you are working for.


Hope is a belief, with which you can attain your desired goals. It is a force that keeps you moving forward during tough times. According to Snyder’s Hope Theory, hopeful thinking comprises of three vital elements. They are goals, agency and pathways. Snyder found in his studies that hopeful thinking is the key of attaining success.

Hope is power, which can motivate your staff members to work for the benefit of the company with positive mindsets. The best thing about hopeful thinking is that it acts as learned response. Therefore, any person of a company can improve his or her hopeful thinking ability by implementing right goal setting, motivational approach and planning.

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