SIPOC Diagrams for Process Definition and Improvement

Arrows and blocks


Get a high-level process view with SIPOC diagrams. It stands for Supplier, Input, Process, Output, and Customer (SIPOC). Before you actually embark on detailed process mapping, drawing these diagrams will prove to be quite beneficial. Analysts may use it while collaborating with stakeholders to reach process consensus before they move on to higher detailing levels. Before activity improvement or process discovery, it is important to get its big picture and how it is going to fit into specific business scenario. With SIPOC, it is possible to achieve simple frameworks. It acts as the template to define processes before actual mapping, measuring, and improvements.


What do the different components of SIPOC signify?

1. The Supplier: It refers to external or internal suppliers related to processes.

2. The Input: It refers to whatever you put inside the process. It may be materials, resources or data.

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