Significance of the Five Rhetorical Canons

The Five Canons of Rhetoric


Rhetoric is an art that has been divided into 5 categories known as ‘canons’. These categories served analytical as well as generative purposes, and provide a clear template for criticism that gives a pattern for rhetorical education.

In this article, we are going to look at how rhetoric can be used effectively to communicate and persuade the audience.

Introduction to Rhetoric

During World War II, Churchill gave radio access to bolster the confidence of British people to remind the cause of their fight. In the early day of war, the UK stood alone. Despite of this, the rhetoric convinced the people of UK to remain strong. With his words, Churchill encouraged the people of UK to stay strong and scarify, if needed. The deep understanding of rhetoric and Churchill’s knowledge on how to use it to inspire others has a great impact on British Morale.

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