Significance of Influence Model in an Organization

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Are you fed up of asking help from others whom you have no authority? Do you want to get help from people without much effort? If yes, then this article will guide you to use influence model when you are in need of help from other people.

We often find difficult to get help from people, especially when we have no authority. There might be situations where you need advice or help from someone who don’t want to help you. The Influence Model helps you deal with such situation. This model helps us know what other people value and use the information to get the desired outcome.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the Influence model in detail and use it when you need the help of other people.

The Influence Model – An Idea

The Influence model was created by Allan R. Cohen and David L. Bradford. It was published in their book “Influence without Authority” in the year 2005. According to the authors – authority can be problematic and does not always ensure that you get the desired support from the people around you. It can either motivate people to act for wrong reasons or can create fear in people.

Influence is useful when you need help from someone whom you have no authority and the other person is resisting to help you. In organizational life, one cannot get what they want. This model offers a practical process of exchange and reciprocity to accomplish personal and professional goals.

Having authority over people may not necessarily gain support or commitment, but needs influence. This model recommends understanding of what others values and build up the resources based on their values. This model is based on the law of reciprocity that all the negative things done are paid back over time and good things deserve to get back.

How to Use the Model?

The Influence Model can be used in different circumstances, which are defined as below –

  • When you need help from other person who is not willing to help you or whom you have no authority
  • When the other person are not known to you.
  • When you have a single opportunity to ask help
  • When you don’t have good relationship with the other person

You can use the influence model for all the above said circumstances in your personal as well as professional life.

Six Step Approach

The model can control the behavior of the work using the six step approach, which are described as below –

You should assume that everyone can help you

Influencing someone else who seems to be difficult can make you feel nervous, unsure or upset. To get rid of this, approach the other person with a positive mind thinking that he will help you. Never lose heart no matter how hostile the person may be.

You should prioritize your goals and objectives

Determine your objectives before you influence the person. Know what benefits the person can provide. It is important to keep your personal gals out of the situation. You may want to be seen as right, but sometimes, you should keep all your emotions aside. Try to focus on your professional goals and leave personal emotions or objectives aside.

You should understand the situation of the other person before you ask any help

You should always understand the situation of the other person and the way he or she is judged. You can ask yourself a few questions such as – how is the person at work. what is the culture of his/her organization?, what tends t be important for this person? And so on. This step can be quite challenging but help you identify the factors that are important for the other person.

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You should know what matters them and to you

This is another important step in Influence Model, where you should be able to identify what really matters the other person. You can consider a variety of factors such as – task, inspiration, relationship, position, etc. For example – if you are looking at inspiration related factors, then you should explain to the person by explaining the significance of your request and show him the right thing to do.

Before you ask help, if it better you analyze your relationship with the other person

Before you ask help, you need to analyze the type of relation between you and the other person. You can directly ask the person for help, if you are in good terms with him or her. If you are not in good terms, then you should build good trust and relationship, before you move to the final step.

You can offer to do some favor to the person in return of his help

You should know what the other person wants to make the “exchange” and keep other person in action. Make sure to build trust, relationship and understanding of the person before you make an exchange. Show your gratitude for helping you and look for ways to help him.

Each of the 6 steps in the Influence model affects the mindset of people a different way. By using all the above sets in motion, one can build a powerful system that maximizes the chances of getting new favors and patterns.


The Influence Model might not be useful in every situation, but you can use it when you need help or favor from someone. You need to prepare for this in advance and pay attention to other key persons of your organization. Try to help others whenever possible to stay in good books of others. This helps you get the desired favor when you are in need.

In corporate world, the concept of getting help arises from an employee guarding his or her peer who committed some mistake and in exchange of that favor; that peer may cover up when the employee comes late the other day. One employee may help other in different ways, based on the situation. In this way influence model can be used within the organization for productive work.

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