Scope Control – A Detailed Analysis

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Sometimes while handling project, things may get out of hand. You might have started out with a set of requirements and goals but a group of secondary objectives may arise during the process. Under such circumstances you need to reschedule your project time table and include these secondary objectives accordingly so that you can get the project as a whole back on track. This also means extra added expenditure and you will have to manage the entire project on the limited amount of resource assorted for the project. While handling a project they can quickly grow beyond their boundaries if the changes brought to them is not controlled carefully. This phenomenon is called ‘Scope Creep’.

These usually refer to the set of new objectives that sneak up on you without any prior warning in a project. Therefore we need to be prepared for such situation while acting as a project leader. Various tools such as the scope control analysis helps you identify and manage sudden changes in a project. Scope control technique manages to avoid scope creep by ensuring that it is only the work identified as being ‘in scope’ is delivered.

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