Retaining Valued Team Members – An Elaborate Study

Retaining Valued Team Members- An Elaborate Study


Every company has some team members they would not like to leave. These team members are experienced and have been with the company for a long time. They are aware of the way the company works. The presence of such people enhances the chance of a team to succeed. In this article, we will discuss about the techniques of retaining valued team members. As a result, we will also discuss about rewarding people and other ways of team management.

An Idea

Valued team members are organized and efficient at what they do. They are not only aware of tasks in their own department, but also competently communicate with people in other departments. Being senior and experienced, they are often approached by colleagues to solve critical issues.

Valued members set a standard in behavior and results. Other team members strive to reach those standards and results. It is thus, essential that these employees are satisfied. Otherwise, the team and the company as a whole will be left out of the benefits of their qualities.
In the event that one of the efficient resources in a team decides to leave, the management has to perform a rigorous process of recruiting and training new resources. Moreover, the company also faces low morale and a lot of disruption in its day to day operations. It is therefore, a team leader’s duty to keep these employees engaged.

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